What is the 10 Dollar Funnel Club?
The 10 Dollar Funnel Club or 10DFC is a membership site for clickfunnels users.

It is home to what we believe is the best and widest range of done-for-you clickfunnels templates on the web, with more being added frequently.
Who is it for?
The 10DFC is open to anyone, although your really need to have a clickfunnels account to benefit from the one click installs directly from our account to yours.

This means you can benefit from our fully done, set-up ready to go funnels even if you have little or no technical experience. 

And, if you are a seasoned pro, you'll understand how much time this will save!!
What's inside?
In essence there are two types of funnel inside. Ones that promote other peoples products or affiliate offers, and premium funnels (released monthly) which come complete with product and full licence rights to pass it off as you own meaning you can keep 100% of the profits on any sales.

The funnels cover all major niches and have been carefully designed to be evergreen, meaning you can profit from them for years to come. 

In most cases all you need do is add your affiliate links and away you go, everything else is take care of.

For more info please click here.
Check Out Some Samples!
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
How Often Do You Update?
We aim to update the dedicated members area on a weekly basis, so you always have access to fresh funnels. A lot of this depends on what products are available on the market and product requests from members.
What About Premium Funnels?
Premium Funnels are added monthly. This ensures you get the very best products and funnels to use in your business which you will be proud to put your name on.
What Niches Do Your Funnels Cover?
Our affiliate funnel section has a wide variety of niches covered, all the major categories from sites such as ClickBank. Our Premium Funnels focus on evergreen topics so that you can easily set up recurring passive income.
How Do I Make Money With This?
Our aim is to help both new and experienced marketers save time by creating the funnels you need to make money. How much money you actually make will be up to you and the work you put in. 
Why Should I Join?
Put simply, even if you have the knowledge & experience you would never be able to produce these funnels yourself for less than the $10 we are asking. For us, it's a numbers game. For you, in virtually every case 1 sale would more than make your investment back & more, plus you get to benefit from the products yourself, most of which we sell individually for far more than the cost of membership.
Won't The Market Become Saturated?
No. There are billions of people searching for solutions to their problems every day. Just google alone processes 40,000 search queries per second.... that's 3.5 billion per day. That is plenty to go round.
How Do I Get Started?
Please click on one of the buttons and open your account. Once done you will be granted access to our members area. Inside you will find the links to the funnels. Choose the ones you want and click, the funnels will be imported directly into your clickfunnels account automatically. 

If you don't have a clickfunnels account you will be prompted to open one (free for 14 days) whilst you try everything out.
How Can I Contact 10DFC?
We have a dedicated support desk that is available, details are provided to members only.
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